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Where are they now?

TPSM leaves its members with real-world experience they can use long after they graduate from Oak Ridge High School. 


Kayla King

Kayla King was the former VP of Website and President of TPSM. The lessons she learned here are ones she has been able to use to get jobs. 

"Since moving to Arizona, I have gained some incredible opportunities! I currently work with GCU in their communications department, covering all our socials, website, and graphics work for division one athletics. I also got hired by a sports marketing agency here, where I work on graphics, events, and social media for the Fiesta Bowl, Cactus League, WNBA, and the coolest one, the Super Bowl. I've gotten to make graphics for the Super Bowl and get help running their social media headquarters for February and the event itself. I also work with NASCAR on their marketing team for some significant events. I just recently worked their championship weekend, which was terrific. And for next season, I just got hired by the Arizona Diamondbacks to be a marketing intern on their marketing team! Every interview I do, I get to talk about TPSM and how it brought me into sports marketing and gave me a fantastic jump start into the field." --- Kayla King 

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